Prostate Orgasm from Massage

  The prostate orgasm for men is achieved when the anal area is stimulated by massage. In order to achieve this effect, the patient must needs to be particularly sensitive in this area. The true prostate orgasm is achieved without stimulation of the penis, but with gentle massage movements around the area of the anus. The masseur can enhance the process by additional stimulation of other erogenous zones such as the nipples, without touching the penis. The orgasm (ejaculation) needs to come strictly from the prostate and anus. Naturally, if you experience this kind of procedure for the first time, there may be a need for stimulation via lingam massage, but over time one should reach such sensitivity that the inclusion of this zone should become redundant. The prostate orgasm is the highest level of orgasm when it comes to stimulating the sexual energy with massage. It can only be performed by very experiences masseurs with trained skills. Very often, this type of massage is performed by naked masseurs, for the purpose of additional visual stimulation of the patient. But this effect is only possible when the patient is lying on their back with their legs high, so that they can enjoy seeing the naked body of the masseur and his erect penis. This is real photo of the masseur:  

Massage and sports

For all forms of physical activity – from athletics to dance and cycling – massage is an invaluable tool for bringing the body into fitness, relaxation and treatment of injuries. In preparation of sports activities, massage can be used for further warming (but not as a substitute for appropriate heating exercises) and stretching. After most types if sports activities, we need a few minutes to relax and take a deep breath, restoring the balance of metabolism in muscles. But when we are not in shape or exercises were too intensive, it results an oxygen deficiency in the muscles forming waste products which causes pain and fatigue. In order to remove them, it takes longer time. Massage helps the muscles to recover his strength much faster than the rest because it stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the removal of waste products of metabolism. Local massage procedures relax muscles and tendons, reduces the time required for recovery of torn muscles and tendons, relieve the strains and tendon stretching. Reflexology and shiatsu also have a beneficial effect. Many athletes say they run faster than reflexology because it not only moves the feet but energizes and relaxes the whole body.

Nude massage

Fast-paced lifestyle, deadlines, numerous responsibilities, important decisions – the road to success has never been a walk in the summer day. Nude massage fun and a nice way to remove the burden of your problems, relax and enjoy life to the fullest. During the hot session, the masseuse will be absolutely naked. It has been scientifically proven fact that stress, tension and conflicts of the psyche are stored in the body as blockages and tension in the muscles which can even lead to the so-called psychosomatic diseases if persistently be ignored. By nakedness we can stimulate powerful sexual energy in man, which lead to the release of the body from tensions and it is an effective way to alleviate and dispel the problems.  By nakedness we stimulate a powerful sexual energy in man which leads to the release of body from tensions and also a very effective way to alleviate and dispel the problems. With nude massage the therapeutic potential is even more expressive. Nude massage works with Kundalini energy – spiritual and sexual energy in every human being, that when you wake up brings you the gift of relaxation, deep insights, personal transformations and full realization of your potential in all areas of life. A powerful surge of Kundalini energy can potentially remove any tension. Nude massage works on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual, it is an integrated approach that makes it effective meanwhile it is fun, sexy and enjoyable way to a fuller life. Masseur

Massage with happy ending

 Massage with happy ending of men, helps in the treatment of sexual potency in men. Massaging release is specifically designed for men and it is part of the art ´´Tantra´´. It is a very old traditional Thai method of promoting individual well being sometimes called ´´the joy of the East´´ Massage with happy ending has a long history not only in Asia but also in Western society. In the past it was used as a successful form of treatment by doctors and psychiatrists. Its purpose is to help release past tension. Massage with happy ending is considered as a therapy to relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind and body. Some consider it as a magical ritual that will grant each thread in the body. Although this type of massage it can now be considered as a provocative exercise according to Western culture but in Asian society it is taken with far greater understanding for its positive health benefits. Massage with happy ending helps reduce the stress and allows you to relax and reconnect with your body. The massage includes both relaxing and erotic elements that awaken your whole body and make your hair stand of pleasure. The Massage increase the blood flow to the penis and hold the blood for long time which guaranteed prolong erection. People can have more than one orgasm without ejaculation using this technique. One of the main benefits of the massage is to relieve to get better control over your sexual energy and be channeled […]


The word eroticism implies intimacy, but also stimulation. This type of massage can lead to peacefulness and satisfaction. Scientific studies have shown that people have been using from centuries a wide variety of erotic massage techniques in order to improve their health and this of their intimate partner. In modern times, the erotic massage is practiced not only at home, but also in public studios, equipped with everything necessary to perform the procedures. There are a number of different massage techniques and a number of different functions of the massage. The end results depend on the specific performance. The most popular massage of them all is the erotic massage. Every type of the erotic massage has a wide range of benefits. In general, all of them are said to be improving the muscle function and the connective tissue. They improve the circulation of blood and other bodily liquids and have an overall soothing effect. When we hear about erotic massage, we usually think of it as touching the most erogenous zones of the body. It is undisputable that when two people touch each other in a special way this leads to many positive effects. The result is not necessarily orgasm – the effect can merely lead to a full relaxation of the human body and spirit instead. Furthermore, studies have shown that the erotic massage also has a positive effect on marital relationships. By practicing it, the partners can both achieve a new level of satisfaction. The trust and harmony […]

Massage by two masseurs

Massage by two masseurs (four hands massage) Last time when I traveled to Asia I had more time and was able to indulge myself in the local massage parlors. Thailand is the Mecca of east massages and massage parlors are literally on every corner. I would not say that I got fascinated by the professionalism of the masseuse, until I visited a small spa in the east of Bangkok on the river Chao Phraya, which divides the city into two parts. There I was offered a massage on four hands by two masseuses. I accepted with slight disbelief. The feeling was incredible. Synchrony who ruled over the four male hands was amazing. I literally had no idea at that time where exactly and which masseur what area of my body worked on. My body was warm and relaxed all the time and the smell of cinnamon and spices made me more susceptible to the effects of massage.  Later when I got back to the hotel and sat down to read more information about the massage on 4 hands, I was really impressed by multilateral health effects of what I had experience the same afternoon. This massage was one of the very few things in the world that are both pleasant and very helpful. The effect on the lymphatic and nervous system is indispensable and managed to prevent many diseases and pathologies before they occurred.  

Lingam massage

Genutal massage for men The penis, lingam, or “Wand of Light” in Tantra, is considered a vehicle through which pleasure and creative energy flow. Since men often view themselves sexually in a giver or worker role, lingam massage can be an enjoyable method for helping the man to relax, open himself, and become the receiver. Lingam massage is also an excellent safe sex practice, with the use of latex gloves. Though your male partner may well experience a satisfying orgasm, ejaculation in not the primary goal. As stated above the objective here is to encourage the man to relax and enjoy himself, become receptive to a form of attention that may be new to him. Ideally, if time allows, the man should be allowed to take a hot shower or bath. He should empty his bladder and do his best to put his mind and body at ease for the pleasure he is about to receive. Position himself on his back, propping his head up with pillows so he is able to view proceedings as well. Use another pillow beneath his hips and spread his legs apart with knees bent. Begin to gently massage his chest, thighs, abdominal region and legs. Be sure he focuses on breathing and relaxation. Add a few drops of your favorite oil or other lubricant to shaft oh his lingam. Very gently, begin to massage his testicles and the pubic bone area above his lingam.

Erotic massage and tantra secret

Massage is a wonderful way through which to relax, improve your health and wellbeing and form a more intimate relationship with your lover. Tantric and erotic massage deepens this powerful connection between lovers by providing a system of techniques and practices which facilitate incredible pleasure, sensual arousal and seduction, deep relaxation, powerful orgasms and an incredible connection with yourself, your sexuality, lover and spiritual energy. It is rare to come across an amazing techniques which is completely natural, loving and deeply fulfilling. Erotic massage is the process through which to experience physical pleasure. The tantric processes and approach take the journey one step further by recharging your heart, spirit, soul and innate passion, sensuality and eroticism.

Before erotic massage

Preparing yourselves for gay erotic massage To gain maximum benefits and pleasure from gay erotic massage, it is important that both you and your partner are mentally and physically prepared. Set aside some time beforehand to relax your mind, cleans and pamper your body, ensure that your breathing is calm and controlled, and every comfort has been catered for. This will ensure that by the start of the massage, you cares have been left far behind. Give yourself time before the massage to sit quietly and relax. Let your breathing calm down, and leave the day behind. People who meditate, do yoga, enjoy walking or have regular massages find it easier to relax, since they make time to let their body and mind rest. You can train your body to respond to cues such as ; “breathe deeply, relax my belly, soften my hands, unfurrow my brow…” and so on, until you reach a point where you merely think the thought, and your body will respond instantaneously. You may find a yoga or meditation class a good place to learn how to relax, and you can take this skills home with you. One idea is to spend time with your partner before you being your massage: go out for walk in nearby countryside; sit quietly together and meditate, ot listen to soothing music; or attend a yoga class together.

Erotic massage. Why not?

Erotic massage by male masseur When stressful, hectic lifestyle take their toll o your mental, physical, and relationship health, erotic massage provides more than a temporary respite. It not only calms the mind and relaxes the body but it also helps to restore your intimacy as a couple and keep you focused on what is really important in life. In the bustling flurry of life our minds are constantly in motion, generating  a flow of thoughts. Meditation, yoga, and spa retreats can all help to restore inner calm, but nothing works quite as effectively as a massage. The strength of massage lies in the fact that the recipient’s attention is on the movement of someone else’s hands upon his or her physical form. The person enjoying the massage doesn’t have to do anything at all, allowing his or her mind to take a back seat for while. When you are in a deep relaxation, your concerns fall into perspective, and you remember what’s really important in life. Erotic massage has a very powerful effect because it accesses and harnesses your natural sexual energy. This energy fills the mind, clearing it of cluttering thoughts and focusing it on feelings of harmony and orgasmic pleasure. As well as encouraging deep, mental relaxation, massage will also leave you feeling physically light and supple. Massage is very effective in stimulating blood circulation, and when blood is being transported efficiently your entire body, including your organs, muscles, and bones, reaps the benefits. Massage helps to […]