Home massage
Whole body massage 45.00 euro
Muscle massage 45.00 euro
Sports massage 45.00 euro
Partial massage                                                                    34.00 euro
Nude massage 65.00 euro
Tantric massage 65.00 euro


Tantric Nude massage 75.00 euro


Royal Nude massage by bottom masseur 140.00 euro


Massage in my studio
Whole body massage 35.00 euro
Sports massage 35.00 euro
Muscle massage 35.00 euro
Partial massage                                                               24.00 euro
Nude massage 55.00 euro
Tanric massage 55.00 euro


Tantric Nude massage 65.00 euro


Royal Nude massage by bottom masseur 130.00 euro


Erotic massage

The erotic massage provokes not only the desire in your partner but also a positive impact on mental and physical harmony, lymphatic system, blood circulation, tones of the skin and muscles. At the core of this massage lies the release of sexual energy, this relieve the stress and tension. The desire effect can be even greater when the massage is naked or with erotic clothing.  In this way it influence not only erogenous zones but also special center in the brain that is responsible for the powerful release of testosterone in men and estrogen in woman.  This type of erotic massage can be divided into two subspecies. The first one is the classic European erotic massage with an emphasis on direct massage of genitals and erogenous zones. The eastern tantric massage is also characterized by very gentle and light touch in the penis, around anus and other major erogenous zone, the release of the men is not an objective and not a desire effect.  It is recommended that these massage can be performed on a massage couch for greater convenience, otherwise the massage would be difficult to implement due to excessive proximity between the bodies of the recipient and the masseur.  In the implementation of this massage can be used almost all the techniques characterize for the classic massages and of course the pressure is much weaker and the movements are more delicate.